Tuesday, May 3, 2011

JumBurrito Opening on Wednesday

Every time I go to Midland, I make it a point to go to JumBurrito. But I was in Midland over the weekend, and as hard as it was, I did not go. Why? Because I am waiting for the big day here in Abilene. I am sure you have seen the activity and the sign at the old Taco Bell on North First that reads JumBurrito.

I have been going to JumBurrito for years in Midland, where my Mom lives. I usually go when I get there, and it's the last place I stop before I make my way back to Abilene from visiting Mom. But now I never have to go visit mom again, because now I have JumBurrito here in Abilene. Just kidding, I love you Mom.

For years there was no Taco Bell in Midland and it had to be because of JumBurrito. I mean, it's really good. O.K. the Pop (La Popular) still rules, but JumBurrito is just as good.

Let me break it down. It all comes down to the tortilla. Although the tortilla is much bigger (in circumference) than a homemade tortilla, it's close, as far as texture and taste, to a home made tortilla. For example, a Taco Bell tortilla is nothing like a homemade tortilla, although I still have to have Taco Bell sometimes.

Now as far as the stuff that goes inside a JumBurrito, my favorite is the large combination burrito. I can eat two. Not sure how many small ones I could eat because I have never had them. My second favorite is the bean and bacon. For some reason their bacon really stands out in the burrito.

As far as condiments, they have a green salsa and a red that they serve in single serving containers and they give them to you cold -- very nice. My favorite is the green, but I have never had the red, because it's not as hot, but I bet it is just as good.

My kids love the chips and cheese dip. They order that every time we go, and we are going this Wednesday on the first day of business.

By the way, it's called JumBurrito for a reason.

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  1. Well, if ppl want to dine in (hehe) I have a few recipes on my blog. Please check it out! I miss my Abilene restaurants.