Monday, March 7, 2011

Fresh Meets Old-Fashioned at Rancho Loma

My handsome date and I made a short hour and 15 minute drive from Abilene for dinner on Friday night. Heck, why not?

He'd heard about this tasty, intimate, set-menu restaurant outside of Coleman called Rancho Loma, and eagerly made a reservation.

I, myself, had reservations as we drove farther and farther into the middle of nowhere. What kind of fine dining experience could possibly be found in such a remote area?

Photo from Google, submitted by owner

Once we pulled in, I instantly fell in love. The farm house, which according to the website was built in 1878, looked completely up-to-date. Charming strands of lights laced between the stone restaurant and the surrounding trees. Chickens clucked in the not-too-distance, although it was too dark to see where the sound was coming from. Two big, sweet dogs greeted us as we got out of the car, store-bought wine in hand. The outdoor lounge made me wish we'd gotten there early enough to enjoy it in the daylight.

Photo from Google, submitted by owner

The inside is every bit as fresh/modern/Old West as the outside, with sleek leather dining chairs, large vivid photographs, and a creaky wooden floor.

I wish I'd written down exactly what the set menu was, but I'll have to rely on my memory. The five courses were: peppercorn pate and bread, white asparagus soup with pine nuts, risotto with fresh mint and peas, lamb chops with white beans and two choices of dessert! I can't for the life of me remember what the desserts were called, but one was a baked meringue with yuzu cream and fresh blueberries and the other was a slice of frozen chocolate goodness. I believe it was $65 per person, plus a $5 corking fee.

The menu changes weekly, and you can find it on the website. You have to make a reservation first, as there are only 34 seats.

I can't wait to go back in the summer time when we can enjoy the outdoor area, listen to the sounds of nature and pet those lovable dogs, which got cuter with each sip of wine! ;)


  1. Two things to remind people when they go eat there. #1- make sure you stop at McDonalds first because for your $125 plate (and don't forget to mention the $3 they charge you to uncork the wine you had to bring) you leave hungry if you are a big guy/gal. #2- make sure you don't tell them you are a Republican. The cook is very much so an Obama lover. Stick to Perini's- you at least leave full!

  2. Lookout, wide body has an opinion! I've traveled all over the world and for the excellent cuisine and attentive service at Rancho Loma the three dollar corkage fee is a pittance. You can always chase that Big Mac down with some boxed wine and avoid the dreaded corkage fee!

  3. funny rich republican! it's not the chow hound (just saying) and i would never let politics keep me from having a fantastic meal! i have found the owners to be kind generous people who have created a jewel in the middle of texas and i could care less what church they go to or if they are red or blue.