Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Boy's BBQ in Sweetwater

If you've read my past post, you know I DO NOT like hole-in-the-wall restaurants. But I read great things about Big Boy's so I figured, why not!

We drove up to the tiny tin shack, located next to an abandoned bowling alley and I felt the butterflies in my stomach. This is NOT my joint, I thought. But my husband was really excited so I sucked it up. This is a picture I took from Google because I can't find the memory card from my camera.

We drove over a couple massive potholes, passed the seven huge pickup trucks, and went in.

The restaurant was decorated in really a cute southwestern/sunflower motif. There are no more than 12 tables inside. Once we ordered, my food came out on a white paper plate and my husband's came out on a Valentine's Day plate or something. Looks like they use whatever they have on hand. Ok, I'll get to the point.

The chopped beef sandwich I had was GREAT. The bread was super soft and had a sweet taste and I just loved it. The sauce was great, too. My potato salad left something to be desired, but the sandwich more than made up for it. I've heard their cole slaw is good, so I should have gotten that.

Anyway, two thumbs up for Big Boy's! Sorry I judged the book by its cover.